Prepared Records (mixtape)

PREPARED RECORDS (mixtape) by Denis Mc Carty

Quelques photos des Disques Préparés.

Release on Eg0cide Prod. Ces gens là

“Ces gens-là” is a continuation of Denis Mc Carty’snet-released “1+1=3″ serie, (experimental live mixes using only 1 vinylEP, played with a special 2-headed turntable and foot looper) On this new version* of Ces Gens-Là (a song of the famous 20th century belgian singer Jacques Brel)he uses also a tape loop, but as usual everything is recorded and mixedlive. The result is a gorgeous piece based on of looped vinyl cracklesand melancolic piano, Jacques’ disconstructed half-spoken &shouting vocals, bathed in a sea of analog saturation. Denis Mc Carty is a member of the french experimental collective / label H.A.K


One track, 5min 50, released on a busines-card CD-R. Artwork is a collage by Dr Svart

Price : 2 EUR excluding postage. To order a copy please write to eg0cide(at)free.fr (eg0cide with a zero, not egocide…)

* This track is different from an earlier “ces gens-là” mix by Denis that can be heard on his virb page.

>>>>Eg0cide Productions

Release on Nohmad netlabel. She was trapped

NOHMAD009 / She was trapped

Anton Mobin - Denis Mc Carty - Rinus Van Alebeek

Artwork, Dawamesk : http://www.dawamesk.tk/

Experimental music, Free improvisation, Hasard-accident, tape manipulation


Recorded LIVE at Wendel, Berlin, on January 5th, 2010.

Rinus van Alebeek : Tapes

Anton Mobin : Microphones on analog circuit, tapes


Recorded LIVE at Madame Claude, Berlin, on January 9th, 2010.

Denis Mc Carty : Gyrathomics radio, tapes

Anton Mobin : Microphones on analog circuit, tapes

Free download on nohmad netlabel

--> http://www.nohmad.net/html/netlabel_nohmad009_SheWasTrapped.html



Photos at Madame Claude, Berlin, by Lysvia Maïz