Classwar Karaoke - 0011

<a href="http://classwarkaraoke.bandcamp.com/track/uncopyrighted-zones">Uncopyrighted Zones by Classwar Karaoke</a>

Denis McCarty : Uncopyrighted zones.
Recorded at "Chuck a Luck", august 2010, (Lyon, Fr).
Turntable double arm's, foot sampler, special headshell's.
Investigated zones:
TI NA KANΩ (end groove).
JUDAS PRIEST (paper Label) .
SIDNEY BECHET (crumpled groove).
This time, dear reader, array upon our binary-to-binary, upon our ergo anon.; then ditto, lux ditto, on and on, till... das alte ist gut erhalten, or polis, at any rate.... In essence: thirty-two souls, rejoindering. Some are touristic. Some sing cemetery songs around their sick-beds. Some narc. Some arch. Others hairshirt by accretion; alining as orison, muniment, klaxon, or as Fibonacci improv, or as Progtronica, purgative and double-caste, in Delian red-nose. So, welcome please.... 0011 survey of Classwar Karaoke...

with : Akoustic Timbre Frekuency, Ambient Fabric, Ampersand, Anton Mobin, Autotistic, Ayato, Beentjes, Donovan, Packer, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Audra Dawn Fleming, Chevo Légé, Johnco, Denis McCarty, EHEIM 1000.220, PAS, Gurdonark, D. Cunliffe, Jonas Ruchenhever, Juan Antonio Nieto, Kalistongue, Lezet, Macu, Noise Research, One Minute Wanda, Pythagora, Pilectro, 6 or 7, Sweetie, Tvlasunor, Zilmrah.

********Classwar Karaoke - 0011********

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