Otras Pinturas – Obras de Arte creadas por el Profesor William:

EL SANDINISTA “El Rey de la Galaxia” 1.989

EL SWIN SAFARI “El del Sonido Dinamico – El Salvaje del Ritmo”
EL COREANO “El Tanque de Guerra”
El Guajiro “El Guerrero Veloz de la Salsa – El Tira Flechas”
El Conde
El Parrandero
EL MAGU ” EL Sonido Verdadero – El Lider de la Juventud
EL ROJO “La Cobra de Barranquilla”




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The album name would be "The world lives in the meat". During all the rehearsal, i've drawed much ; each picture is a back of track, i've got 29 minutes of sound and think that's enough. My pencil is empty, my recorder near to death, i'm just waiting some sounds of some friends for finish it.

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WE NEED MORE [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring : Billy Sunday, Mystic City by John M. Nelson & Noah F. Tillery (from the K.K.K)
SURF. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring the Magneficiant Butcher, Bruce Lee. ps : 1.BYUUN sound of person flying by. 2. WAAARGH sound of screaming.
PUCH. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring some famous Kaiju, Jesse Jackson. Featuring Der Kommissar
NO MIC MAGNETIZE YOU NO MORE.[DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table], starring Maurice Bishop, Valère Novarina, J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.)
KSHHHHHH. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] featuring Anton Mobin

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring Eugene S. Robison.

FRESH FLESH. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring the Vibragel voices.


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The practice is the only way. What ever you do, i guess. In my case  and to my level, the pratice reveal the tool itself [including : the support (tapes, vinyls), the machine (4 tracks, turntable, beatbox) and the body (the constant)]. and finaly the only possibility to making and discover new sounds. So what,  less is more ?

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1. Play a vinyl record, it's replay a part of time, a past time, more or less distant from us....reactualised the past, revealed the print in the present, with different speed ratio.....
2. A vinyl is like a stratum with 2 sides, who are explorable with the needle or/and any other objects plugged in the headshell.
3. Patch time, temporal loop, travel through time, transformations, alterations....
4. Mutiplicate the records : drawing a sound-map. Improbables landscapes.
5. Rehearsal fragments, scratching, play loop : dramatize, forground, reexpress, reversed time.


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Lots of melodies are produced with a Foxtex 4 track's, it's realy a brain teaser to choose sounds, what and how ; decompose an harmonic field in 4 bands parrallele, keep the flexibility of possibility, and always digging for a manipulable shape's (in the perspective to play it live, direct, and stereo). I thought yesterday at a tape who would like a keyboard chord....


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General Atmosphere :
From the damp cellars of a megalopolis smashed, archives fragments, analog manipulations, dry noises, bold beats.....
Materials :
Vinyls, K7, DB505,
Recording :
in multitrack as is it possible.
Notes :
I realise (once again) that to prepare a album it is not just a questionning  about sounds, musics, compositions. It's a try but it seems that's always a trip, you follow a train of thought, by one side, the feeling of a possible driver between you and the rest of the world, where everything can converge toward.....Maybe it's one reason to needing solitude...by the other, the fucking obsession of your general idea (blurred or not).