The Mellotron is an electro-mechanical, polyphonic keyboard. The heart of the instrument is a bank of parallel linear magnetic audio tape strips. Playback heads underneath each key enable the playing of pre-recorded sounds. Each of the tape strips has a playing time of approximately eight seconds, after which the tape comes to a dead stop and rewinds to the start position.

A new digital Mellotron is born (M4000D) and I've got the chance to test it for making tapes. Thank to my friends ,Xavier & Christophe (Good Damn, PWL studio) for giving me the opportunity to make my own melltron tape's. That's great, Thank you guys !!!

A serie of 11 tapes including the most famous sounds of the mytic Melltron's !!!!
Recorded in G minor, each tape was made for a 4 tracks tape's. Split chords in 4 notes, and input it in the 4 tracks. Each tape could be mixed in a perfect harmony.

First tests in this mixtapes.

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