September 24, 2011, Radius presents The Sketchpad N°6

September 24, 2011
Radius presents Episode 06: Anton Mobin & Denis McCarty’s “Lost Frequencies.”
The Sketchpad series is a monthly presentation of audio material that relates to content
from previous episodes of Radius. The series highlights peripheral work that influences research
and production.
The programming is organized for the radio show Transmission Arts. The show includes an
international and local roster of Distract & Disable, framework, Giant Ear))), Pirates Week,
Radia, Radio Wonderland, and The Shortwave Report.

Sketchpad broadcasts on 90.7 fm every fourth Saturday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm EST in Greene and
Columbia counties, New York on WGXC: Hands On Radio.
WGXC is a program of free103point9, a nonprofit arts organization that focus on defining and
cultivating the genre of Transmission Arts since 1997.



Anton Mobin & Denis McCarty : Lost Frequencies, Radius Episode
John Oswald : Open, Plexure
Elio Martusciello : A@traverso.it, Unoccupied Areas
Benoit Hixe : Love ,Différences Et Répétitions
Charlemangne Palestine : Extrait, Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn
Anton Mobin : Turn & Listen, Various Artists, 50/50
Christian Marclay & Günter Müller : Sore Eros, Live Improvisations
DMC (The Hidden Waves) : Episode 5, The Leeches Of The Shadows
Benoit Hixe : Destroy, Différences Et Répétitions
DMC & Anton Mobin : Extrait, Trapped Fields
John Oswald : Massive, Plexure
People Like Us : Look-What-You’ve-Done, People Like Us & WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog, Volume 1
Christian Marclay & Günter Müller : Je Ne Vous Oublierai Jamais, Live Improvisations

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