La Lumière du Frigo & DMC_*Puzzle *


La Lumière du Frigo : Turntable, Records, Noisebox, CD Deck, MD ...
DMC : turntable, DB505, Feet Sampler, Fx, Records & Prepared Records

Puzzle recorded (with overdubbing) at Chuck a Luck, October 2011.


DMC The world lives in flesh, NOHMAD 015


DMC plays : DB 505, TapeTable, TurnTable, Foot sampleur, Tapes, Records, Fx, Special headshells.

Excepted :  SIREN N°7 : scratches by DER KOMMISSAR. ; KSHHHHHH N°12 : soundscape by ANTON_MOBIN, composed by ANTON_MOBIN and DMC. ; OUTRO N°13 : MARTIAL BECHEAU has composed and produced the record played (BANG). 

ARTWORK : Dawamesk

Review by Darby Mullins : 
We don't know exactly what time is it for DMC, but this recording will be,once again a temporal trip. The needle is a space ship, as every know,passing through a sound encyclopedia, jumping for bringing out a bold song's. Back the groove - Bend time - Arrived some where...
DMC explores a b side's of the World, parallel side, naturaly dark and hopeless. Fragments of analog archives articulating struggles lost, recycled, exhausted, digested, and finaly forgotten to be just all against all. Yes, the fuck is going on, the world lives in meat, and we're still there. During the trip, punctuated of greasy beats, heart rending scratchs, dry noises ; we meet some friends, came to highlight the blind lights (Der Kommissar : tape, Anton Mobin : soundscape, Martial Bécheau : composition on wax).
Nohmad strikes again with a new mutant hip hop album.
Nous ne savons pas exactement quelle heure est-il pour DMC, mais cet enregistrement sera, encore une fois un voyage temporel. L'aiguille est un vaisseau spatial, comme chacun sais, passant par une encyclopédie sonore, sautant pour faire ressortir une audacieuse chanson. Retour dans le sillon- Plier le temps- Arriver quelque part... DMC explore la face b du Monde, face parallèle, naturellement sombre et désespérée.
Fragments analogiques d'archives articulant des luttes perdus, recyclées, épuisées, digérées, et finalement oubliées afin d'être simplement tous contre tous. Ouais, la baise suit son chemin, le monde vit dans la viande, et nous sommes toujours là. Pendant le voyage, ponctué de beats gras, de scratchs déchirants, de bruits secs, nous rencontrons quelques amis venus mettre en relief les lumières aveugles. (Der Kommissar : bande, Anton Mobin : paysage sonore, Martial Bécheau : composition sur cire). Nohmad frappe encore une fois avec un nouvel album hip-hop mutant.
Drawings by DMC (contained on the DL folder)

WE NEED MORE [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring : Billy Sunday, Mystic City by John M. Nelson & Noah F. Tillery (from the K.K.K)
SURF. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring the Magneficiant Butcher, Bruce Lee. ps : 1.BYUUN sound of person flying by. 2. WAAARGH sound of screaming.
PUCH. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring some famous Kaiju, Jesse Jackson. Featuring Der Kommissar
NO MIC MAGNETIZE YOU NO MORE.[DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table], starring Maurice Bishop, Valère Novarina, J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.)
KSHHHHHH. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] featuring Anton Mobin

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring Eugene S. Robison.

FRESH FLESH. [DB505, Turntable, Tape-Table] starring the Vibragel voices.


RING. Round N°1



Looking for the Blue Note, Orbis.

Orbis : electric piano & digital control / turntable & tapetable
Recorded on September at home
Pt1 :
Pt2 :