DropZoutSmaak : who'z playin' dat loop ? by Gorellaume

DropZoutSmaak : who'z playin' dat loop ? by Gorellaume on Mixcloud2010 : several wall paintings with Native, 3615, Nascio, Kouka, Hieroglyph, FMR and Gorellaume in the 10th district of Paris.
Anton Mobin kindly (field) recorded....The sounds, from spraycans to street sounds to intreview were given to friends to create original tracks, and here is the result as a twisted hiphop selecta that smells like sticky paint.

Playlist :
La devanture des angoisses : Planetaldol
Pisse, poisse et spray : Monsieur Connard
Gauchiste partiel : Tzii
Spotless sprayer : DMC
Dessines moi un mouton : Mat U Stone
Skinny : Kro
The little finger of the Yakusa : Cluedo Crew
HAKumbia : Henry Dèche

This will be relased in a near future with Anton Mobin's piece on side A as a painted tape on HAK recordings


H.A.K. TAPE test 2


Testing scratchable sounds for a future release on tape on H.A.K. LO FI RECORD.........