Frequencies of Existence: 5, by Alrealon Musique

Founded by Philippe Gerber in 2008, with Christopher Gilmore and Robert L. Pepper joining the management team in subsequent years, Alrealon Musique is looking back on its' 5 years in operation. In that time, 43 releases from artists around the world, have had the Alrealon Musique logo stamped on them. Having received critical acclaim and with a consistently high quality for each and every release, Alrealon Musique has become a leading label for the hard to define and musically adventurous. Frequencies of Existence: 5 years of Alrealon Musique, brings together old and new friends in a celebration of what has come before and what will come. The music contained here-in, is not easily categorized or described and that's fine by us!
Frequencies of Existence (part2) - v/a
released on Alrealon Musique (alrn038)
Artwork by Trey Crim

1) Black Saturn - VooDoo
2) MRC Riddims - Every Second
3) Leigh Wright - Doom
4) ARU & Boar - Awl Tikkr Bora Bora
5) Thorsten Soltau (featuring Marina Stewart) - Gr;m Cvltvre
6) DMC & Anton Mobin - Spiroïde Trap
7) Hezment & Heliocentrism - Still
8) [ówt krì] - Improbable Odds
9) Chester Hawkins - from away

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